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     The Rusty Bolt Garage vintage motorcycle lamp features salvaged spares from  Japanese motorcycles of the '70s and '80's. We have five different types of lamps. four  table lamps and one floor lamp. The table lamps are: ‘Geared Up’, ‘Shocking’, ‘ Sprockets’,  and ‘Clutch’, the floor lamp is the ‘Forked’ and is built using two fork tubes as the main  shaft. Each lamp stands approx 20in Tall from base to socket

 These lamps are an attempt to give people a look into the inner workings of the machine  they came from, and to give the motorcycle parts a second chance at being useful. Also,  they look really cool. Take a look at our completed motorcycle builds on the website to see  the inspiration for these. 

 The designs incorporate various salvaged parts for each type of lamp such as a  spring/shock, a transmission gear or assembly, clutch assemblies, sprockets, fork tubes,  and brake rotors. 

The photos represent the typical design of each lamp. But because each lamp is built of parts from different motorcycles that endured different levels of abuse, yours will vary somewhat. Let us know if you have any request for parts from a specific make or model and we'll do our best to match you up with what you need. European brands and Harley-Davidson lamps run a bit more and take a tad longer to source the parts.

We're always happy to accommodate your preferences when selecting parts, so just let us know. Please allow a four to six week turnaround time. Rush items are available for an additional fee.

PLEASE NOTE: Call or email to purchase. Credit Card and Paypal are accepted. Shade is not included.

Rusty Bolt Garage, Vintage Motorcycle Design- Customization, Restoration, Fabrication in Santa Fe, NM.